If you are planning a holiday in Greece, and you are interested in making a unique stopover on a small island, then let the "melmeti" - the cool Aegean wind - blow you away on a magical voyage through space and time, over sea lanes and through beyond eras, on a journey of colours and poetic communication with sounds of the songs of Nobel Prize Winner Odysseus Elytis.
Let yourself be carried away to a destination that weds, the transcendental with he earthly, where a pilgrimage to a place sacred to all Cristedom may be combined with a peaceful holiday, spiritual meditation and worship of God with the waves breaking on the rocks, the solemn half-light of the churches with the blinding rays of the sun, the stark white of the buildings with the warm colours of the earth, the lustrous golden radiance of the Byzantine icons with the deep cobalt blue of the sea, spiritual peace with the welcoming, hospitable human environment, the Byzantine hymns wafted on the air with the islands earthy folk songs. Let yourself be taken to the place where your soul and your body are calling you. Follow the melodious chiming of the bells of the Monastery of St. John. Let yourself be draw in by Patmo's force of attraction